Open your door

Open Your Door : Was made in Cinema 4D's 3D rendering using basic shapes and mograph text.

Wooden Mini Jeep

Was made in Cinema 4D using basic object, basic lightning and materials

Eron's Airplane

made in Cinema 4d's basic objects and mograph text.

DropDeadEron 3D

Made in cinema 4d mograph text with help from photoshop cs5 color management.

21st Birthday ni ERON

From 20th Century Fox Image concept to cinema 4d mograph text with help from photoshop cs5 color management.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My 1st Set of Designs made in Cinema 4D


"CINEMA 4D is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering application developed by MAXON Computer GmbH of FriedrichsdorfGermany. It is capable of procedural and polygonal / subd modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, rendering, and common features found in 3d modelling applications." - WikiPedia

DropDeadEron 3D
 Open your Door 
Clients often ask for 3D text transitions in a project, but they can be a fickle bunch and will ask for variation after variation. For Cinema 4D artists there is now a way of doing this much more efficiently. And the images above are the samples.

 Wooden Jeepney
 Metallic Jeepney
 Eron's Airplane
In order to create a simple 3D model / art, You can use those simple objects like cubes, sphere, capsule, plane, oil tank and the like.  What really makes the program stand out though is its ease of use. 

Where other high-end 3D modelers rely on complicated stacks of modifiers, for example, Cinema 4D takes a simple object-based approach - drag a spline object onto an extrusion object and it projected into 3D space, drag this onto a “ HyperNURBS” object and the results are automatically subdivided and smoothed, drag this onto an array object and the results are automatically repeated and distributed and so on. Working in this way it’s simple to quickly build advanced models and, because each object in the hierarchy remains editable, you remain in complete control. 

 21st Birthday ni Eron : The concept of this 3d art is obviously based on the image of 20th Century FOX .
 The Avengers 2 : Movie Poster Parody - Even thou i haven't seen the movie yet i made a fan made poster of the movie The Avengers but like the movie the poster isn't finish.
After saving an 3D image file JPEG or a PSD file. You use Photoshop's color balance to adjust the colors you want in your 3D art.

With Cinema 4D R13, which i am using right now... aims to fix these problems and bring Cinema 4D to the cutting edge of 3D technology by introducing a new render engine, a new suite of character tools, a bunch of workflow improvements and some file handling changes.

By the way R13 is latest upgrade of MAXON's Cinema 4D :) And i need at least 5 comments to upload the basic tutorial here :))

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bagsakan in Gensan!: The Rock on Manila Concert Tour

BAGSAKAN!!! Pwede na gawing title sa event nato pero di ako ang promotor eh sayang. 

Finally! Once again i'm gonna experienced the Parokya ni Edgar Fever! the Kamikazee Jump! while headbanging to the Procastinator of Sandwich and listening to the Fliptops of Gloc 9 . Thanks for the info of Mr. Avel Manansala of GenSan Online Mag via Plurk. I just got a message from him that he will having a Blog contest on his Blogpage for the upcoming rock concert event here in GenSan City.   FACT: i don't really know this stuff so i decided to go on his website and i ended up here "Rock On Manila" 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, we had FACEBOOK: The Social Network

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Blogger's References of Tutorials

11/3/10 - Someone emailed and ask me to help him out with his blog design. Its a sure thing that i'm gonna help him since i am also new in this blog world, its just a simple sharing of knowledge to others. But the fact is, i dont know how to make a tutorial, but i had references to help you out. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My first foam party

Foam Party. This is the only thing that keeps bothering me, when my other friends invited to get along with them. So, i tried it in their 23rd Foam party Event at East Asia Royal Hotel arcade park, also for the celebration of 2010 GenSan Tuna Festival and it was a really really cool! EXPERIENCE for a first timer like me. Fact: if im not wrong East Asia Royale Hotel was the only one to host a FOAM PARTY EVENT in GENSAN.   Let me tell you my story.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sekreto ng mga Gwapo 101

Akoy nababagot at walang makalikot. Naghanap ng salamin. Tinignan ang sarili at nagtanong bat ganito? "Wala na bang mas'kakapal pa sa mukha ko? Sa dinami kong pwedeng gawin ngayong araw ito ang unang ginawa ko "magsulat ng blog" kahit on duty. Nag isip ............ at walang maisip.. naisip ko ang sarili ko, tinignang mabuti ang ayos ko. Kung meron mang mga useful tips ang mga babae para gumanda, meron din ang mga lalake syempre. At ito ay nagmula sa akin. Sariling Opinyon ko lang to.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Centerpoint rocks my night!

First of all i really i don't know them and i really don't know their songs either. But, because of the concert of the ASAP Sessionistas last night, i bow my head for them since i love rock and alternative songs. They had that kind of powerful music, plus the powerful voice of the vocalist. I'm not overacting of what i'm saying thats how i feel when i hear them playing their songs in the concert. 
Photo Courtesy from Mr. Orman Manansala

They really rock the crowd by singing some popular songs and also their original songs, especially "Kaibigan ko" the song means a lot who inspires the listeners of the song. And guess what? I'm playing it on Youtube.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reasonable Reasons: Six Reasons to watch ASAP Sessionistas LIVE! in GenSan

whoa! whoa! This is really really cool! lol. I miss the concert of Nina and Bamboo (and it really really hurts), but I'm not gonna miss this one. Only if i win this blog writing contest. :) An all in one live concert of the  Philippines famous balladeers plus of our very own The Centerpoint band of GenSan. The ASAP SESSIONISTAS LIVE!!! here on my hometown GenSan City on September 10, 2010 at Lagao Gym (and don't be late if you come). Now I'm gonna make my take for the contest, since i was doing nothing, I'm gonna answer the questionaire's (ok, this is an exam) that is given by GenSan News Online Mag.


1st - Its not only one its SIX. Its an all in one concert! "MERON BA SILA NIYAN!???" and this a once in a lifetime experience for the general's and for me to watch them performing live. The ASAP Sessionistas including the Romantic Balladeer Richard Poon, Bossanova Queen Sitti Navarro, Acoustic Wonder Aiza Seguerra, Soul Siren Nina, Duncan of Southborder , and  my crush  Juris of MYMP plus theband from GenSan City The CENTERPOINT. oh! ha!

2nd  - FACT: Five of them has already done a concert tour here in GenSan. Richard Poon, Aiza Seguerra, Nina, Sitti and MYMP (of course Juris). And if you missed it this your chance to watch and hear them singing your favorite song. :)

3rd - Nauubusan na ako ng English. I haven't seen them performing live only on TV and thats a FACT :) and i really want to see Duncan of Southborder singing "Kahit Kailan" infront of me lol. And also Nina, the concert that i missed last saturday August 28, 2010. Sayang! Pero babawi ako.

4th - I want to watch the show BECAUSE, i want to be inspired of their music. Flying to the moon with Richard Poon, Feel the soul siren of Nina, feel the rhythm of music of  Aiza Seguerra with her acoustic guitar,  at Kahit Kailan idol ko ang Southborder makikita ko si Duncan ng LIVE and "di lang sila" si JURIS pa. :) If you want to be inspired of their music why not going their with your special someone, family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends :) MAS MARAMI MAS MASAYA.

5th - On the other hand, every artist of ASAP Sessionistas has its different genre of music, and they have exceptional talents in singing. Richard Poon can sing Jazz also Sitti and Sitti can sing Bosanova, Nina can sing soul music and also Duncan.FACT! (bumibirit si Duncan) :) Aiza Seguerra sings with her Acoustic Guitar at di lang siya si Juris din she can sing with acoustic guitar coz that's how she start. See how unique they are and we are lucky to have them. :)

6th - Think of it General's why they choose GenSan City? We are so lucky and me, seeing them personally and watching and performing live! in front of us even thou we can see them on TV. Why not supporting them as well as supporting the OPM Genre. It was like "Tangkilikin ang Sariling atin" 


Monday, August 2, 2010

BloodWorks Tattoo Bar Opens in GenSan

I'm the one made this and i'm proud of it. :)

June CabaƱero is the name of the owner this tatoobar, at first i really don't know his name as well as his girlfriend the one who ask me to make them a simple black n white poster inviting everyone that they will have a bar opening at SAFI ARCADE beside KCC MALL on July 28, 2010, the bar was named BloodWorks Tatoobar. 

Back then, it was just a tattoo shop located at RD PLAZA and who knows they will make it bigger. 

Grimmjow Jeagerjacques - Cosplay (Photoshop version)

Grimmjow Jeagerjacques or GRIMMJOW is a character from the Anime Series Bleach, well he is fuckin awesome. Grimmjow is a member of the Arrancar Army made by Aizen.. i dont care for him by the way.
Grimmjow has spiky light blue hair as well as his coool!

There are some Grimmjow cosplayers on the web.. like this one 

Maybe he's not the best grimmjow cosplayer on the web, but i do like this one.